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The established industry-recognized market Interface-BiPRO-Standard provides the prerequisites for a variety of digital business models and use cases.


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BiPRO-Data standard

Easily connect partners

BiPRO enables scalable connections with a variety of partners once a standard has been implemented in the company.



Everything for FiDA – with just one BiPRO market standard

BiPRO is the most comprehensive interface standard. It depicts a wide variety of use cases and business transactions – from new business to the contract incl. Inventory data exchange until damage regulation.

For everyone

“Thanks to the involvement of cooperation partners, added value is created for everyone involved. This includes taking up groundbreaking topics and using the potential for new business areas as well as implementing concrete projects.”

BiPRO is FIDA-Ready!

At BiPRO the focus is on process optimization, standardization and community. The BiPRO-Standards are industry-wide generally recognized Standards,that enables sustainable digitalization of the insurance and finance industry.

Thanks to the large BiPRO community, Germany is becoming a pioneer of digital insurance communication in the EU, while other countries and initiatives essentially have to start from scratch when it comes to establishing standards.

The BiPRO data model and the specifications of the interfaces already largely cover therequirements of FiDA with regard to end customer processes and customer data. The industry-wide implementation of data transfer is well advanced for most members.

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